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Rogue Traders: Puppy Farming
Written by Lee Wretham   
Friday, 20 February 2009

Rogue Traders: Puppy Farming

Thought I'd Bring this to your attention.

Rogue Traders: Puppy Farming <- Link

I watched it last night. There are some good tips for both buyers and sellers. More importantly, what too look out for when purchasing a puppy.

If you are selling puppies, please make sure you have the puppies paperwork, and that they are fit and healthy. Remember, a £30 Vet checkup for you can mean a lifetime of happiness for a customer.

Last Updated ( Friday, 20 February 2009 )
puppy packs and free stuff
Written by kelly isherwood   
Saturday, 01 November 2008


">967f527882e5746d30148d8f91ec0d9e with any more goodies or offers you want me to ad to this list

Burns - offer 2.5kg of their puppy kibbles per puppy plus measuring cup information and a health booklet , also they produce some rather nice pedigree cards to fill in the history of the new puppy, plus on their scheme they give the new owner a £5 voucher which they can use to purchase the food with and burns will send you a complimentary bag identical in size to that bought by the new owner, I normally use it my self to purchase the bag of food to ensure its use I include the price of this in the price of the puppy to ensure that I recive the free food this can be worth up to £900 a year in free food for you as a breeder, In return they will require the details of the new owners so they can then promote their product

Tel; 0800 083 6696 ansd ask to join their breeders scheme they also will derliver direct to breeders mail order to save you having to carry heavy bags

John Burns pet nutrition ltd

Ferry Road


SA17 5EJ

James well beloved

These chaps also give you 2.5 kg of their puppy kibbles per puppy plus 2 rather nice feeding bowls and loads of information about the range they do. The company will ask that you buy a certain amount of their product per year and can send it direct to you home, they offer several flavours and do a compleat range fo foods

You will need to join the breeders club on

Tel; 0845 300 4890



This company is owned by the same company as jameswellbeloved and offer a similer kind of pack they can be contacted on the same number but you will not be able to claim both packs for your puppys


The chaps at Eukanuba send out a rather smart box with a pink lid inside it contains 2kg of there food and a training clicker a new puppy owners hand book and money off cupons etc

They will require the details of the new owners so that they can send them promotions

Membership to their club will also get you a rather smart discout on their goods at any outlet

Breeder care line 0800 376 0077

Puppy packs order line 0800 032 2740


Dodson and Horrell

This is one of the most modest puppy packs on offer this company will send out a very high quality carrir bag and inside it will contain a sample of the puppy food usually enough for one meal and then a portion bag of the follow on food, they also produce a nice health folder with a money off voucher and lots of information

They can be contacted by telephone


Puppy Packs

I have found that rasing puppys the right way is a costly matter at the best of times and that there is nothing worse than having a new owner get their puppy home only to start feeding them inappropriate food and cause upset tummies, I have found by experience that most of the good companies offer puppy packs to give to the new owners thus avoiding the irate phone calls from a disgruntled owner

These are a very useful tool on several grounds. Firstly you are insuring that the puppy continues to recive the correct nutrition and a set diet at their new home during what is normally a very stressful period of time setteling in to a new home, Also as a breeder wither you are a hobby breeder or a professional breeder you are by law obliged to provide the new owner with advice on many matters,

Puppy care

Grooming, toys and training

Flea and worm treatments and sheduals

Puppy crates and much much more

Including the most important life time nutrition of their new pet

So I have compiled a list of the company offered goodies and packs to breeders to help with this important part of the transistion so here they are please do email me at

Last Updated ( Monday, 11 May 2009 )
Site Updates
Written by Lee Wretham   
Friday, 13 February 2009

Site Updates

The site will seem a little unstable over the next week or so. We are making magic in the background.

We are updating the Clasified Adds section. Im hoping to include a uTube plugin so you are able to upload Video of your puppys to utube then post the link in the ad.

Members details will also be upgraded and migrated into a new shopping module.

I will also be looking at site overall stability. And hopfully improve your experence here.

Please PM me any comments and improvements you may think will help.

Last Updated ( Friday, 13 February 2009 )
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